What should i expect?

We are a family friendly congregation that embraces all people groups.

Sunday | 8:00am & 11:00am

  • Services

    Our services include singing and Bible teaching. Our singing is an act of worship to god; feel free to sit,stand, or dance. This is followed by a 30-45 minute message.

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  • Attire

    You'll see everything from jeans to suits to traditional African attire. Operation urban impact is for everyone!

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  • Parking

    There are parking spots either at the church's parking lot or on the street.

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  • Welcome team

    you will be greeted by our front door team. if you have any questions, they would be happy to help. just look for the smiling faces and the blue shirt.

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  • Children

    IF you have kids (from birth to 12  years),they can participate in our fun (and safe!) Children's ministry during the 11 am service.

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  • security

    Your family's safety is our highest priority. we have trained security PERSONNEL and precautionary safety protocol to keep our church a safe place to visit.

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Directions to our church